Tailored Legal Services

About Us

Sara Payne is the lead attorney behind Tailored Legal Services. After practicing and teaching law for five years, she noticed something troubling: many of the most vulnerable businesses—creative home businesses, startup tech and web-based businesses, and low cash flow businesses – were not seeking out professional legal advice at the time they needed it the most simply because of the high price tag of a traditional firm. Firms typically require thousands of dollars in retainer fees (which many companies cannot spare) and charge hundreds of dollars just to chat with a lawyer, even before the lawyer has created any tangible product or result! Even at a modest billable rate, these clients were paying $50 or more just for a quick, 15-minute phone call.

That’s where Tailored Legal Services comes in. We listened to the needs and concerns of small business owners like you and created an affordable legal solution that allows you to cultivate a personal relationship with your own lawyer on demand while also receiving quality legal advice, documents, and services. The price tag is fixed depending on your needs, so you are not surprised by a large legal bill each month. If your needs grow, that’s okay. You can upgrade your plan at any time. If your legal needs pause, that’s okay too. When your subscription ends, you are under no further obligation until you decide to resubscribe.

That’s it. There’s no catch: just me helping you. So go ahead and subscribe today.

Here is just a sample of the deals that Ms. Payne has accomplished on behalf of her clients: